Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nightlock Reviews: entries to our first ever Fic Prompt Challenge!

A few months ago, we here at Nightlock Recs decided to host our first ever fic prompt challenge!

While it only generated two fics, we're really pleased with how the idea of a fic prompt challenge was received, and hopefully we'll host another in 2013. Because there's only two entries, myself, Lavender Flame and PolkaPop decided to each give a review of JustAFantasyGirl's Ice and Fire and Alexandrite Inferno's Red Red Red. And now, we present to you the wonderful entries and our reviews!

Title: Ice and Fire
Author: JustAFantasyGirl
Summary: Clove watched over Katniss in death, reflecting on their short time together in life.
Prompt used: 
LMM: I am not a Clove fan by any means, but I absolutely loved Ice and Fire. This author is so great and making Clove's voice become real; Clove's characterisation is spot-on, right down to her confidence. The plot of this one-shot is quite original and I personally really enjoyed the freshness of Clove as a first-person, omniscient narrator.
LF: A very interesting fic with a haunting (and unique) voice that gets the point across well. The idea of the Careers' thoughts on Katniss is to be admired; it shows just how insane the Careers and the world they live in are -- and how they want to tell others all about that.  "Ice and Fire" is a must-read for fans of the Careers.
PP:  I was always curious about how the other Tributes in the Games interpreted the Girl on Fire - we get a lot from the Capitol and the rest of Panem, but we never really see inside what a Tribute was thinking coming up against this girl who sacrificed herself for her sister, or, to go home to her as was so aptly suggested here. I loved this little bit, Clove-centric and a refreshing and effective take on the prompt. Well done!

Title: Red Red Red
Author: Alexandrite Inferno
Summary: Very, VERY dark. Written for Forthegenuine's prompt "The colour red" on Nightlock Recs.
Prompt used: "The colour red".
LMM: I'm gonna be honest: I cringed when reading this fic from the graphic descriptions. Alexandrite Inferno took "the colour red" to the extreme! Red Red Red has a very haunting tone towards the end, as though the fic builds up in it's emotion, horror and creepiness and then plateaus into this realised horror with the final lines. It was almost too dark for my tastes, that's how dark/good it was.
LF:  Just as dark as the author promises, "Red, Red, Red" captures the insane emotion of a nightmarish reality quite well.  It wasn't what I was expecting, and that turned out to be a nice, diverting twist.  A refreshing vocabulary is scattered throughout the story as well, to really bring it to life.  A lovely horror story. ...Can I say 'lovely' if it's horror?
PP: Personally, I try not to find myself in rooms full of bodies. I try not to envision it too. This drabble was okay for me - not my cup of tea - but it was effective in the images it was trying to paint. 

Happy reading!
~ Little Miss Mionie

PS. What would you like to see from us next? An author interview, a podcast, a fic challenge, prompts? Let us know in the comments!

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