Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hero of the Story (M Rating)

I'll tell you all right now, real life is getting the better of me. I'm writing this early on a Saturday morning because it's come down to me waking up early in order to actually get things done. Oh adulthood, how you steal my hopes and dreams and turn them blah blah.Okay - on to the story rec!

Title: Hero of the Story AO3 /
Author: atetheredmind (s_e_irvine) AO3 /
Rating: Explicit
Summary: By the end of the summer, Peeta Mellark had married the shoemaker's daughter. And by the end of the summer, Katniss had wed Gale in a small toasting ceremony. AU where Prim and Peeta are never reaped, and where there is no mockingjay, no rebellion.

Why? Okay, so there are lots of reasons that I would recommend atetheredmind as an author to anyone. For example, her stories are creative (read: explicit and adventurous), sex positive, and often so well written that you forget really who you are. But those are just some of them. I'm rec'ing this story to you today because for what started out as a prompt response, it somehow morphed into this two part story that has the capability to make you re-think nearly every conception you have about endgame Everlark.

Without giving too much away, the summary says it all - Peeta and Katniss are both married to other people. Plain and simple. For most, that's it, that's all. But not in this story - atetheredmind has effectively conveyed the challenges that two people face when their hearts are elsewhere which in turn makes you, the reader, reconsider where you think you stand on the convention of infidelity.

I'm not saying you're going to like it - hell, I had double thoughts while I read it - but you will come away from it thinking a little bit more about your conceived notions of monogamy and people's choices. Give it a whirl and hopefully you'll be as spellbound as I was.

PS. Just so you know, the erotica tag is on here because if you dig around a little more in atethermind's profile you'll find 'The Education of Peeta Mellark' and well, geez, that story is some of the best of the best. Trust me on that. 

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