Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three Recs: Katniss/Gale goodness

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm bringing you three Katniss/Gale fics. I'm a pretty weird Katniss/Gale shipper, myself - I only really like the ship if it's post-mockingjay and Peeta's sort of out of the picture - but these three fics were so fantastic I didn't care. I've featured the author jada_jasmine twice. She's a gem writer!

they were going round and round but they did not meet by jada_jasmine
SummaryGale never once imagined the happiest he'd ever be was at eighteen.
Why? Jada_jasmine has such a way with words. She portrays such melancholy moments of Gale's life regarding Katniss with such clarity and tone. The final sentences of each moment seem to leave an echo; they are like a motif of such sad, poignant moments in life. This is wonderful, something that could realistically happening post-mj. A deep, contemplative piece at a lovely length.

Same Small World by lilabut
Summary: A different take on the morning before the reaping.
Why? I actually found this fic confusing the first time I read it - I couldn't figure out when it was set in the THG timeline. I really loved it for its simplicity, however. I feel like lilabut captured Gale and Katniss' characterisations wonderfully. It's a excellent piece for someone's first go at THG fic writing!

I found a beating heart half-buried in the woods by jada_jasmine
Summary: This is a betrayal worst than most.
Why? Once again, this author does a fab job of imagining Katniss and Gale reuniting. I love that it's set in the woods, and that she doesn't shy away from the fact that Katniss and Gale have been changed by war. It's not as...lyrical, as "they were going..." but it's a great snapshot nonetheless. I especially love this line: "This is a Katniss who points arrows at his heart and a Gale who can no longer walk in the woods."

~ Little Miss Mionie

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