Monday, November 26, 2012

Six Seeds by thewindwarns

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day. For all those NaNoWriMo's out there, I hope these last few days are good to you! I'm so behind on my word limit, oops :P

This evening I'm recommending a fic I recently stumbled upon. I actually end up finding a lot of my favourite fanfictions by browsing through my friend's favourites' from, and that's where I found this Effie-centric masterpiece. Here's my profile if you want to scroll through mine!

Title: Six Seeds
Author: thewindwarns
Summary: The Capitol swallows you whole. How Effie leaves the districts in the spring and returns in the winter. An AU fic based on the yalit100 prompt Earth/Ground, and inspired by the myth of Persephone.
Why? Six Seeds is a wonderfully in-depth look at Effie. I love how interesting, original and utterly decent the backstory thewindwarns creates in Six Seeds is to Effie Trinket. Thewindwarns gives Effie the benefit of the doubt and makes her more than an often two-dimensional fashion-loving character that we find in fanfiction. It's called AU, but feels canon to me. I cannot explain enough how much I enjoyed the ideas about Effie's life that are in this fic. It's the plot that I find most memorable; but the writing is great, too. The history nut that I am, I was drawn to the idea that Six Seeds was inspired by the myth of Persephone.
The last scene in this one-shot feels like a good-bye to Effie, but what a good-bye it is. A smashing fic.

"There are two ways to succeed in the Capitol: (1) know the right people and (2) blend in. Effie Trinket chooses the latter.

She parrots what she learns in school because here, in the heart of Panem, there is only one truth, and that is the government's. She doesn't question; no, not when that would set her apart. The others still mock her and her backward District ways, laughing at her funny words and her plain clothes and her even plainer face.

But Effie is a student, a master one at that, and so she throws herself into her studies, practicing her Capitol accent by reading all the magazines aloud and listening to only the pop stars at the very top of the charts. (She misses the quaint folk songs she used to sing with her friends, but she's here and they're not, and it wouldn't do her any good anyway.)"

Happy reading!
~ Little Miss Mionie

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