Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Horror

Hello, all -- this week is a, well, special post.  At our affiliate, the forum Starvation, I recently hosted a contest for Halloween: a horror fic-writing contest, where every participant was assigned a random (minor) character or pairing to incorporate.  I must say, I had a lot of fun judging this, and it was a very hard decision to pick the victors.  This post is still minor characters/minor pairings/undiscovered gems, and consists of the entries for this contest.

First Place
Title:  Afraid 
Author:  ShineTheTribute
Summary:  Fulvia Cardew is Afraid. Problem is, she isn't Fulvia Cardew, at least not anymore. 
Rating:  M
Pairing/Character:  Fulvia
Quick Rec:  A cool, creepy AU with excellent voice, a recurring theme of colors, and a raw and real look at the state of Capitol prisoners.

Second Place
Title:  Cry of the Fallen
Author: xCaptainBlaze
Summary:  Foxface's life up to the point of suicide.
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Foxface/Crippled D10 Boy
Quick Rec:  A very interesting take on the theory that Foxface's death was suicide, fascinating portrayal of Foxface, nicely flowing fic, and a great job of making this relationship believable.

Third Place
Title:  Our Salvation, Our Curse  

Author:  District11-Olive
Summary:  "I stare into the wild flames that encase the piece of discarded housing and I realize why they are doing this. The girl on fire was our salvation; they are making her our curse as well."
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Twill
Quick Rec:  A great, detailed and brutal elaboration on the District Eight rebellion, and a different look at Bonnie and Twill.

Honorable Mention
Title:  Snip, Snip
Author:   jakey121
Summary:  Flavius has been a stylist for many years. His love for the Games was overwhelming until one year, a tribute showed him how everything was wrong. Then he changed, into something very different. 
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Flavius
Quick Rec:  A slightly disturbing perspective on what a Capitol citizen thinks of the Games, created with unique ideas, voice, and personality.

Other Entries

Title:  for we are likewise
Author:  MarbleSharp
Summary:  Because it's better not to breathe than to breathe a lie. Jackson wishes Katniss luck because she and all of Panem need it.
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Jackson
Quick Rec:  A morbid fic with unique narration that makes Jackson seem a bit more human, and an interesting expansion on her death.

Title:  The Closet 
Author:  quiet-little-wallflower
Summary:  Haymitch hires Hazelle to be his housemaid, on the condition she never opens the locked closet in his bedroom. Eventually Hazelle's curiosity gets the better of her, and what she finds inside is something that will haunt her for the rest of her life.
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Haymitch/Hazelle
Quick Rec:  A unique fairy-tale style that explores a unique idea and adds to a relationship that we don't know much about.

Title:  The Fear Factor 
Author:  SassySunshine
Summary:  Maysilee never knew the horrors of the Hunger Games, really, until she realized that she could be the tribute going down by mutts, or an arrow to the head, or a knife to the heart...
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Maysilee
Quick Rec:  A great job of a previous-generation fic with some interesting ideas on past Hunger Games, and some Haymitch/Maysilee thrown in.

Title:  Skipping Stones
Author:  SafeEyesOpen
Summary:  "Except the nightmares weren't just dreams. Fear isn't an option. Only it is."
Rating:  M
Pairing/Character:  Cato
Quick Rec:  A unique, fascinating portrayal of the Careers and their dynamic, AU with canon elements  brought in well, and a new look at Cato/Clove.

Title:  Follow Him
Author:  sparkie926
Summary:  Cashmere could never live up to Gloss. He won the games Cashmere followed him. 
Rating:  T
Pairing/Character:  Cashmere
Quick Rec:  A well done fantasy-horror nightmare sequence before the Reaping, with an interesting look at Cashmere and Gloss' relationship.

Those are the fics of this post -- check them out and give them a review.


  1. This was such a great post! :)
    Go you for writing all those recs! x

  2. Wow. Skipping Stones stuck out to me, so I read it, and it's honestly one of the best stories I've ever read. Thanks for recommending it, I loved it.


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