Monday, August 20, 2012

Hanging by a moment (Boggs/Ms. Everdeen)

Welcome back, all.  This post I present a really unique idea of a Mockingjay pairing (spoilers ahead!): Boggs/Ms. Everdeen.  Fans of other previous generation pairings, don't fret: this a very different oneshot.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls:

Author:  moonmagnet
Summary:  A one-shot from Bogg's POV and how he wanted to find out more about Mrs. Everdeen. A first crack at a boggsdeen - Boggs x Mrs. Everdeen - fanfiction.
Rating:  T 
Genre:  Romance/Drama

My Recommendation:

"Hanging by a moment" keeps Boggs in the light we see him in throughout Mockingjay, but gives more of a reasoning behind the layers of his personality.  His voice here is very suiting to his position and kept very likable at the same time, very human.  The relationship isn't presented quite like most non-canon pairings that grow from the rebellion -- a refreshing break from the usual hurt/comfort type of fics.  Another strong part of this oneshot is the details mentioned outside of the main points -- Prim working in the hospital, Finnick's concern for Annie when they leave, Johanna's problems with the Block, etc.  Throughout, even as much as just one sentence mixed in keeps you grounded to the idea of the fic and the emotion within it.  A very well executed story, especially for such an undiscovered pairing.

That's this post's rec - have fun reading!

*Lavender Flame.

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