Monday, July 9, 2012

Complete Tearjerkers

If you were to meet me, you'd probably notice that lately I'm a mess. It's alright, it's all cool. But with this comes to mind exactly what my next batch of fic recs will be. 

This month, I'm bringing you two complete tearjerkers. Two stories that up and caught me by surprise and made me ugly-cry in a way that I haven't done since John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.

So nestle up close, grab your favourite brand of liquor (if that's something you do), and read something that will drop your jaw and make you grab for the tissues. 

Summary: "When Peeta is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Katniss must learn to let go."
Rating: M (Obviously, major character death)
Rec'd because...

Oh, boy. I just read this fic like an hour ago and I still have the red marks on my face. I highly recommend this story if you're in the mood for something that is incredibly well written, highly-evocative, and paced so delicately that it gets inside you and claws at your heart. The best part is that it's not written with the focus of death, but with survival and rebirth as the main undertones. Just read it, okay?

Title: The Good Wife / AO3
Author: Silvercistern
Summary: "You're an awful wife, sweetheart." He's said worse, and so have I, but something about this, maybe the fact that this is the second time I've been told the same thing in one day, makes me burst into tears. Katniss discovers that being married is hard.
Rating: M
Rec'd because...

Okay, so maybe this one didn't get me to cry until the very end, but when it did, boy did I bawl like a wee babe fresh off the mother's teet. Honestly, this fic comes crazy recommended because not only is Silvercistern like magic with words, but the story is also part of a three-part series (The Ashes of District Twelve) all with outstanding outtakes and additions. Like Annie to Finnick, it creeps up on you.


  1. Oh my god I was just about to rec Forever Until! It's so good!
    And wow, I just finished reading The Good Wife - thanks for the rec because it was FANTASTIC. :) x

    1. Ah! Read the other stories in the series, they're so good too! Also, brain share on Forever Until.


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