Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parent-Centric Fics

Hello - Shalom - Aloha - Hola - Hallo - Bonjour!  In honor of Father's Day, I present these three lovely parent-centric Fanfics:

Author:  Dracoisalooker76
Summary:  Through the years, Peeta and Katniss have interacted in ways that demonstrate to their fathers that there's some sort of connection between them. A series of little moments spanning from the time they're five to the cave in the Hunger Games.
Category:  Minor Character

Author:  Leia 96
Summary:  "He watched her face, watched how she came more alive with Samir than she'd ever been with him, watched how he'd disappeared in her eyes as soon as she heard Samir's voice, and he knew. He knew she was a goner." The Baker's story of how he loved and lost.
Category:  Minor Character, Minor Pairing

Title:  Lost Child
Author:  Howlynn
Summary:  Mr. Mellark has a secret personal attachment to Primrose Everdeen. 
Category:  Minor Character, Minor Pairing

My Recommendation: 

What's A Soulmate? - an absolutely marvelous rendering of Katniss/Peeta through their fathers' eyes.  Not only do you get to see your favorite characters as adorable little kids, you get a new perspective on the pairing and the backstory of it.  Dracoisalooker76 pulls off writing the perspective of their fathers extremely well; their views suit their characters, families, and situations.  The chapters flow beautifully, connecting to the title (and quote at the beginning of each one), and the writing is nothing short of flawless.  It's a different, refreshing view of several canon elements - their family dynamics, the politics of District Twelve, the twists and turns of parenthood, and even more - all things that could use embellishing in Fanfiction.  An extraordinary fic all around - and the perfect Father's Day read!

The Baker's Story - piecing together a tale like this in a oneshot is truly a fine art.  What's great about this piece is that it's realistic and un-cliched in terms of relationship starts and ends.  Something else: every little bit of this story has a place, and a meaning, and a reason to be there.  There are sections where there's a time gap, and it's always made to work, only keeping the important things to prevent boring the reader.  The ending of each segment is always the perfect stopping point, as well, and again without cliches.  Naturally, the fic is laced with heartbreak and angst, and it's done wonderfully.  "The Baker's Story" is the perfect tragic romance for any Fanfic reader.

Lost Child - the tissue-warning on this fic is much needed; it's emotive and explores several darker themes of the "Hunger Games" universe.  I have to commend Howlynn on the connections between the characters - both romantic and platonic - because they are all unique and beautifully written, not forced at all.  Additionally, the writing style is something complex that you don't see every day in the Fandom, and it really makes the story stand out from other fics of its kind.  The "conspiracy theory" of the whole truth behind this pairing (Mr. Mellark/Ms. Everdeen) is taken to new heights, and considered in a different way.  Overall, it's a positively exquisite, sophisticated Fanfic that definitely deserves your time.

There you have 'em - this week's recs!  Happy Father's Day, hope you enjoy reading!
Coming Up: Cashmere and Gloss fics.

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