Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Last Goodbye (Thread/Paylor)

*Mockingjay Spoiler Warning*

Hello, everyone!  I'm back -- and with myself, I've brought a wonderful little oneshot featuring a yet-to-be-discovered pairing.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present:

Title:  "One Last Goodbye"
Author:  Kate of Carlay
Summary:  A goodbye on a roof top meant to last them a lifetime, little did they know it would be the end of their time.  
Rating:  T
Pairing:  Romulus Thread/Commander Paylor
Categories:  Non-Canon Pairing, Romance/Angst
Quote:  "It was simple for Romulus to tell people no, he did it all the time. No, there were no missing uniforms in production. No, the inventory was not tampered with. No, there wasn't any suspicious behavior. No, he wasn't doing everything in his power to cover up the beginning of a rebellion that the woman he loved was in charge of here in District 8." 

My Recommendation: 

These are definitely two characters that we don't know a lot about, hardly anything, really -- which gives any Fanfiction author a lot of free reign when writing them.  In just the beginning of this fic, their backstories are firmly established, and you're quickly introduced to the conflict.  (Remember how Thread was the new Head Peacekeeper in Twelve?)  Now, this is an especially unique idea because, in the canon, you'd think that Thread would be more than happy for the promotion, on the pretense of how he seems to enjoy his job.  This fic embellishes on his character and you see a much different side to both him and Paylor... while they're both still in-character.  Plus, this fic is a good reminder of the "bigger picture" of the rebellion; Katniss was far from the only person involved.  Overall, the combination of the unique pairing, astounding character development, and plot-expansion makes this fic a must-read.                  

So that's this week's rec -- have fun reading!  Next segment post: the parents tell their stories.

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