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Madge Undersee Fics

Ahh, Madge Undersee. Madge is a beloved character in the fandom (fanatically beloved by some of my fanfiction friends!) - the starter of a rebellion, the real girl on fire, a caged bird, a victim of the Capitol, a theoretical lover of Gale 99.99% of the time in anyone's mind. There are so many incarnations of Madge that are done wonderfully - and so here's a bunch with a variety of themes and ships!

Unexpected by jennycakes
Summary: Madge and Gale form an unexpected bond when Katniss is thrown into the Hunger Games. They take comfort in each other, but what happens when Katniss gets back? Or when Madge's life takes an unexpected twist?
Why? Jennycakes' characterisation of Madge is great; this wallflower does an excellent job of being a careful and caring narrator. It's a great little twist on canon. It's WIP. I'mma keep following it because it's just so damn quaint and nice to read.
Quote: How I manage to make it home without melting is beyond me. Gentle touches, ragged breath, sweet, sweet kisses, my entire body was on fire.

Piano Lesson by Joyful
Summary: Set during "Catching Fire," Madge gives Katniss a piano lesson.
Why? This is so short and cute and IC. Tinged with a little melancholy. Love the analogy of the two being so similar now, like "caged birds".
.:Madge by IsaiahKS on dA
Quote: Unlike all the kisses she'd shared with Peeta, or the stolen kiss from Gale, Katniss wanted this.

nobody said it was easy by thewindwarns
SummaryMadge is warned about boys like him, angry and armed and not nearly cautious enough. Spoilers for Catching Fire/Mockingjay. 
Why? This one-shot is broken and lovely. I think it portrays a more realistic Madge/Gale, where it's a little more one-sided. 
Quote: She kisses him hard, stealing away the chance to pant a name that isn’t hers, and they reach an understanding.

Eight Things Madge Undersee Is Bad At by Taneva Rose
Summary: The rich girl and the angry boy go to the games and lose their souls.
Why? These titles are like threads that run through every fandom... but Taneva Rose does it more than justice. I love this fanfic. It's so heartbreaking and raw. A great angsty read.
Quote: "This year for every five dollars of income made by a family, we are adding a slip."
Madge cries when they call her name. Open and strong and without shame. Her face doesn't lie.

Zombie by TurnTheRadioOff
Summary: The mayor had two zombies living in his house. How Katniss Everdeen systematically rebuilt and destroyed the Undersee family.
Why? ohmyhawthorne this fic is so different, from it's pairing to it's narration by the Mayor. It's a little OOC, but eh. Anyone who is looking for a different view on Madge, Katniss and the storyworld - Zombie is for you.
Quote: And then Katniss kissed his daughter. And he dropped the glass on the floor.

Something Sweet by Kathrynthegreat
Summary: It was understood by most that merchant’s kids had a better life in District 12.
Why? A slightly nawww-ish but mostly melancholy let's-forget-about-who-we-really-love-by-getting-in-each-other's-pants one-shot. Kudos for the rare pairing!
Quote: “I could go for some cake now, if the offer still stands.” Madge glanced away from him shyly, a blush staining her cheeks.

His Girl by ultrageekery
Summary"He doesn't know what to do because this isn't Katniss..."
Why? An angsty look at Gale and Madge's relationship from Gale's point of view. It's short and horrible of Gale, but you can't look away...
Quote: He cannot love Madge either, and it is unfair of him to consider continuing this, to string her along as he toys with false possibilities – but he decides somewhat subconsciously that he will.

The Girl Behind The Symbol by onetraveller
Summary: Blonde hair, blue eyes, Margaret knows exactly what she is doing when she puts the pin in the strong, jaded brunette’s hands. She knows that she is ruining the girl’s life. But she must.
Why? An awesome missing moment from CF - Madge's last missing moments. This fic's not a totally heartbreaker, and the characterisation is good. It's very action-heavy. An excellent premise :)
Quote: She runs against the current, because the least she can do is help these people she’s doomed. She picks up children inside of burning homes and tells them to run as fast as they can in that direction, this direction, that way. 

Ashes by LaTessitrice
Summary: When the people of District 12 rebel against the Capitol, the Capitol sends destruction their way.
Why? Ashes is such an amazingly fleshed-out and grounded look at an AU plot with Madge as a main character. LaTessitrice's characterisation of Madge is engaging and flawless. The Gale/Madgeness is wicked, too. I highly recommend this!

Angels on the Moon by thecivilunrest
Summary: Nothing good ever comes from a town girl loving a Seam boy.
Why? This is a lovely sad three-part ficlet exploring different's characs views of canon events. Written beautifully, with an amazing set of characters, the third part explores Madge and Gale.
Quote: As sad as it was, Madge Undersee was willing to do anything to help Gale Hawthorne.

(A quick thanks to Solaryllis and holymfwickee for linking me to some of these fab fics!)

Happy reading!
~ Little Miss Mionie

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