Sunday, June 3, 2012

Johanna-Pairing Fics

Hello, everyone!  So, inspired by how much I unexpectedly loved a recent rec of mine ("the beautiful wreckage", Johanna/Annie), I went searching for Johanna rare-pairing fics.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find two wonderful oneshots with rather unique pairings.  This post, I present:

Author:  mirrorOfsin
Summary:  It's not much, what they have, but it keeps them alive and that's enough.
Pairing:  Johanna/Enobaria
Rating:  M
Category:  Post-Mockingjay

Summary:  The two of them couldn't be more different if they tried. He, "The Victor with the Bloodless Hands," and she, the scary new Victor that no one knows quite how to handle. Will they make it work or will their differences be too much to overcome?
Pairing:  Johanna/Peeta
Rating:  M
Category:  AU

My Recommendation: 

*Mockingjay Spoilers Ahead*

"The war is over and we are beginning" -- so, the pairing is definitely something new.  Now, before you start thinking, okay, two minor characters, femmeslash, non-canon, definitely an odd pair... really?, consider Katniss/Peeta.  A lot of their relationship at first stems from the aftermath of the Games, opening up other possible victor pairings.  (Finnick/Annie, anyone?)  Both Johanna and Enobaria are characterized wonderfully, down to the last little details mentioned in the canon.  They're real, they're relatable, and in a fic like this, the relationship works.  Their similarities are definitely made apparent in a "show, don't tell" way.  The romance is nicely non-traditional, avoiding stereotypes of the genre and keeping them both in-character.  If you're looking for a very different post-Mockingjay tale, this one's for you.

"003 First Times: Opposites Attract" -- I must note the pairing again; Katniss/Peeta shippers, don't go running away!  This story is quite the AU, in which Peeta is the sole (District Nine) victor of the sixty-sixth Hunger Games.  His relationship with Johanna, in some ways, parallels his relationship with Katniss, but explores, What would've happened if Peeta had won alone? and, What did Johanna go through as a victor?  I have to say, I don't usually read extended-oneshots in one sitting, but with this one, I couldn't stop reading, through all the twists and turns it takes, straight through till the end.  I especially recommend this piece for its relationship development -- each one is different, as they should be, and realistic in a way it's sometimes hard to find in Fanfictions.  This is a wonderful and unique "Hunger Games" AU for every reader.

So those are this week's recs -- go enjoy and review!

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