Monday, June 25, 2012

Cashmere and Gloss Fics

Hello, Panem!  This post we welcome two lovely guests, everyone's favorite victors from District One: Cashmere and Gloss, now featuring in these wonderful fics.

Summary:  "The problem that most people like us have is not a lack of skill or a lack of determination.  We can't hold our tempers.  We get mad and we stop thinking.  Promise me you won't let yourself see red."  
Genres:  Drama
Recommendation:  The second half of this definitely has a dramatic tone; the first part is what I'm recommending this for, though.  You get the perfect brother-sister scene in a short amount of time, their whole dynamic set firmly and quickly.  That said, it's not a "warm and fuzzy" type of scene, and the suspense is subtly woven through for a veery eerie beginning.

Title:  C'est la Vie
Author:  booksandmusic97 
Summary:  Cashmere always lived in Gloss's shadow. She was second best to everybody, including her own parents.
Genres:  Family/Hurt/Comfort
Recommendation:  This gives you the feeling you didn't know everything there was to know about these two from the books - which is flawless character development.  You don't have to be told about the frustration or anticipation of the characters - you feel it right along with them.  A different and well-played style makes this an all-around unique fic.

Author:  Shimmertail
Summary:  On the night before the Quell, Gloss considers the most important Games of his life, the one he really loves, and whether his life was really worth living.
Genres:  Angst
Recommendation:  This fic was tear-inducing on both sides of the emotion scale.  It's mostly a flashback that reads smoothly and presents a lot of new speculations on both of their Games, and the relationship between them; a refreshing look at the Careers is here, as well.  A truly beautiful, emotional piece of writing throughout.

Title:  Smile
Author:  gethsemane342
Summary:  Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. Five times in Cashmere's life when she knew what it feels like, just to be happy.
Genres:  General
Recommendation:  Would you look at that: a relatively cheerful fic in the Hunger Games Fandom!  And it was pulled off wonderfully, realistic for Panem and bittersweet and not cliched at all.  It's a great closer look at these characters, their views on the Capitol and the Games.  "Smile" is a must-read for Career fans.

Those are this post's fantastic fic recs - check them out, everyone!  Till next time, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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