Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Review by Cindella204: Resistance (Annie/Finnick)

Hi guys! I’m cindella204, and I’ve decided to do a guest review for Nightlock
First, some story stats:

Title: Resistance 
Rated T - Romance/Suspense - Complete, Multi-chap - First in a Series
Summary: Have you ever wondered how Annie got the way she is? How she and Finnick fell in love? 

Now for why this is worth your time:

1.     The formatting and such is flawless. That’s a real pet peeve of mine when people don’t hit “return” each time a new person speaks, etc. You don’t have to worry about that here.
2.     Character development. By time you get to the third and fourth story in the series you know her recurring OCs better than characters in the actual books. That’s huge. The way the characters think, change, and progress makes sense, and even if you have your own philosophies on how the Finnick/Annie thing happened, (I actually write Finnick-centered fics myself) her stories are still enjoyable.
3.     The ending of each chapter. Each chapter ends with a strong closing statement that concludes and pushes you toward the next chapter in a perfect way.
4.     Plot structure. The plot structure of this story is perfect; it is the first in a series, but there is closure at the end of the story to a certain degree. The story builds in all of the right places, and it’s just...perfect.
5.     Canon-ness. I don’t mind AU or crack-fics, but if you say your doing a canon piece, stay canon! I feel like this story is the perfect blend of creative development and sticking to what Collins intended for the characters

Wow, that review didn’t do the story justice at all - it’s so much better than this! Go ahead, click here and see for yourself!

~ Cindella204

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