Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Miss Mionie's Recs: Nightlock Lurve (+ Status Updates by IcyBlue42)

Hey guys! I'm super excited to be posting a rec this week because it's pretty much like THG fandamonium online at the moment. 

Speaking of online love, we were pimped out at Nightlock Podcast (...we are not the same, I swear...), which is a really awesome podcast that goes through the books, through character's point of views, discusses book and movie theories. They've recently brought in a fanfiction category to their podcast, which is pretty cool.  If you're a HP fan and love Mugglecast, these guys are pretty much the same in their format and coolness. Check them out! We were asked to rec them a fic through twitter about a minor character - and we told them about And So We Run Redux Part I by Medea Smyke

MOVING ON! :) In honour of the Hunger Games teaser trailer being released, this week I tried to find a really well written fic that was about the fireball -chase-scene that's in the trailer...

Icons from the wonderful thebricklayer

But that was pretty much in vain. So, next I tried for any Hunger Games missing moments - y'know, from the first book. And I stumbled on the funniest thing ever: Status Updates by IcyBlue42.

Author: IcyBlue42
Summary: How The Hunger Games went down, Facebook style.
Verdict: If you know facebook, you'll love this. It's the events of the first Hunger Games book turned into facebook statuses. IcyBlue42 somehow manages to incorporate facebook groups, relationship statuses and 'liking' into canon characterisation of our beloved characters. I adored Katniss' Wall, especially in the first chapter! (Plus, there's a fire-chase-scene update!)

Also, I just wanted to use this post to talk about the little poll we have goin' on in our kick-ass sidebar. 

We've been asking what 'team' you ship in fanfiction, and the results seems to be seriously swaying towards Team Peeta, which has currently 75% of the vote. Do you guys bat for any another team that isn't mentioned in our poll? I think there's a fair few Team Haymitch's out there!! 

I must say, though, after stalking the Ask Gale tumblr, I'm finding myself wanting to rec some Gale-post-mockingjay fics that are nice towards him. Over the next month, I'm planning to recommend some of my favourite fics, and branch out and find a few different ones. I'm looking forward to recommending some femmeslash :)

Happy reaping, guys! And thank you to EVERYONE who stalks us, lurks us, bookmarks us, tweets at us, reads us and leaves a comment. You all rock more than Finnick Odair's socks.

~ Little Miss Mionie

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